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International Best Selling Author

US Marine | Firefighter | Entrepreneur

Zachery green

Zachary Green is a graduate of Roger Bacon High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) and a graduate of Bowling Green State University. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and was a lieutenant with his local fire department. Zachary is the founder and former CEO of MN8 LumAware/Foxfire. Zachary grew the company from the trunk of his car to over $30MM in organic sales and $5MM in venture funding. The product line is now distributed by The Home Depot and counts the US Government, Walmart, Kroger, General Electric Aircraft Engines, and Procter and Gamble as customers. 

Zachary recently received the President of the United States “E” award for exporting and has been honored as Exporter of the Year by the Ohio Small Business Administration as a result of exporting to over 25 countries. He was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the front page of, and in USA Today along with numerous other local and national media outlets. 

Zachary has testified in front of the US House of Representative Small Business committee and was named Entrepreneur of the year by Governor, John Kasich. Zachary was also selected by the Obama White House as one of 10 entrepreneurs to represent the United States at the Global Entrepreneur Summit. 

In 2020, Zachary was elected to Wyoming (Cincinnati), Ohio City council. Zachary’s new book, Warrior Entrepreneur was released in September of 2021, and in the first few weeks, it launched to bestseller status on Amazon in several categories and countries. He and his family now live in Hilton Head Island, SC. Zachary is a member of the USMC Parris Island Living History Detachment and participates monthly in the Crucible and Eagle Globe and Anchor ceremony at Marine Corps Recruit Depot as he represents historical Marines of WW1.


Zachary Green’s life experiences in the US Marine Corps, firefighting service, and as an entrepreneur helped him realize that these careers have a lot in common. They entail risk, struggle, grit, and bravery. 

The idea behind this book revolves around the science of growth that comes from challenge and adversity. These hardships prepare you for your crucible; the crisis that changes your life’s trajectory.  

It is in the crucible that you transform and grow or fall to the bottom of the abyss and suffer the consequences.

The warrior principles of:

  • Teamwork

  • Purpose

  • Confidence

  • Adaptability

  • Tenacity

  • Grit

  • Sacrifice

  • Morals

  • Purpose

  • Serenity

can translate into any career or business.  This book shares the ups and downs of well-known entrepreneurs ranging from Walt Disney to Thomas Edison to Elon Musk. It also highlights stories from FBI agents, White House special envoys, Spartans, and even the first-ever female US Marine Corps infantryman. 

Let the pages in this book release your inner warrior and accomplish your life’s mission.


Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


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